Arthroscopic Knee Surgery Video

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Part 1: Knee Positioning

Dr. Lubowitz discusses knee positioning prior to arthroscopy knee surgery. The specific knee injury will determine the exact positioning of the knee initially and throughout surgery.




Part 2: Surface Anatomy and Portal Placement

Dr. Lubowitz discusses the surface anatomy of the knee, and the portal placement. Understanding the anatomy of the knee externally is crucial to executing a successful arthroscopic knee surgery.




Part 3: Diagnostic Arthroscopy

Through the use of an arthroscopic camera, Dr. Lubowitz demonstrates the basic steps to knee arthroscopy, and gives educational insight on the anatomy of the knee.




Part 4: Chondroplasty, Menisctomy, and Cruciate Ligament Evaluation

Dr. Lubowitz evaluates chondroplasty, menisectomy, and the cruciate ligaments. In addition to his evaluation, he discusses basic knee arthroscopy techniques.