Articular Cartilage Injuries

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Articular cartilage exists within each of our joints and consists of the smooth tissue that covers the end of the bones to allow for a pain-free range-of-motion. When an individual suffers an injury to the knee, articular cartilage within the joint can become damaged. Usually this occurs with some form of trauma. Articular cartilage injuries can cause chronic symptoms for patients. Whether the injury heals on its own, or surgery is performed to correct it, the cartilage damage may unfortunately progress. In addition to trauma, articular cartilage naturally deteriorates over time, as the body ages and is exposed to wear and tear. Injuries can range from softening of the cartilage, to cracks in the tissue, or disruption of the cartilage where it breaks free and forms a loose body which floats in the knee joint and causes catching or locking. Dr. Lubowitz offers advanced, specialized techniques to treat various articular cartilage injuries.

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