Articular Cartilage

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Articular cartilage of the knee joint is a critical structure. Cartilage damage leads to painful arthritis. Articular cartilage is smooth bone lining which allows the bones to touch each other (articulate). The area where two bones touch is called a joint. Articular cartilage protects the knee joint, allowing it to move and glide smoothly. While certain structures of the knee joint are able to heal (whether through surgery, or naturally), articular cartilage has been known to be incapable of repairing itself once damaged. If the cartilage begins to degenerate, or break off, or leave exposed bone, the symptoms can become chronic and the onset of arthritis becomes a greater risk. In recent years, orthopedic researchers and surgeons have advanced the area of cartilage injury treatment. These procedures are intended to help prevent further injury to the cartilage, and to restore damaged areas. Dr. Lubowitz offers several procedures to treat damaged articular cartilage.

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